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The UNTIL Mandate

They are watching. The government is monitoring and cataloguing people with abilities. They are everywhere, and any person in your life could be a monitor. You may think this is a conspiracy theory. You would be half right, because it is reality, not theory. Someone has decided to do something about it. Finally.

The government has indeed been keeping tabs, their focus has not been the individual so much as the power. They have been compiling a database of powers. Abilities that people possess, not to track the people, but for one purpose. So that in a time when there is a threat to the United States so severe that it cannot be contained by federal resources, the President will gain access to people with abilities that may be needed.

The UNTIL Project exists for that reason, and until the President needs the information, it it catalogued and stored in a method known only to its designer. Now that man has become the target of various foreign government agencies.

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The UNTIL Mandate Kevlyn