The UNTIL Mandate

Seeing Red
Session 1

Evelyn, a college student, was walking across campus and was met by someone from the administration building who delivered an envelope to her. Inside was a plane ticket, a passport, a credit card, and a business card with a simple address on it. She noted that the flight left in a few hours and she decided to pack a bag and take the trip.

Doctor Stein, an archaeologist, just arrived to the US from a dig site. Before he made it to security he was met by a man that gave him an envelope, within was a credit card and business card with an address on it. The courier led him out to a private plane that was waiting to take him to the destination.

Two former marines whose identities are constantly changing, run a custom car shop. They receive an email that contains only a link. When neither responds, a message is sent to a cell phone. ‘Click the link. They are coming.’ The pair had devised a burn plan, and set in motion a series of events that virtually wipes out their current life. They simply received a pair of confirmation tickets.

For each, the situation was similar. When they arrive in Germany they rent a car, only to find that the vehicle is already secured. In a style they are not accustom to, they are driven via limousine to the address on their card. Once there they find a two story building that has a single door. Entering, there is a long hall that ends in a well apportioned lounge. Once all four have arrived, they are met by a woman with a Russian accent.

She indicates they have been brought together because they all have a common enemy, along with her. That enemy takes the artifacts that the archaeologist returns to the US and uses the “museum” to launder them and convert them into cash. This money funds a secret division called UNTIL that monitors and has possibly created the scenarios which gave each of the four their abilities. None of the group were interested in becoming traitors and so they were left in the room for a while. When the woman returns she apologizes for having wasted everyone’s time.

The group, however, feels like they may not know everything and agrees to listen to the full proposal. They play a video, one that identifies what the UNTIL branch does and how it treats those in custody, showing a clip of someone being tortured. In addition it details and displays surveillance techniques that the organization employs. Additionally, the man responsible for leading the covert unit masquerades as Evelyn’s professor at college. Finally, the Russian woman, Natalya, shows the group their personal files that were compiled by UNTIL.

The group agrees to take care of the problem and Natalya gives them an address and a key. They depart and follow the directions to a hangar at a private airport where they store the car in the cargo plane and take off for America. When they arrive, they proceed to approach and setup surveillance on the professor. They followed the professor on his way home and used an isolated stretch to capture him. With him secured aboard the plane they confront him about UNTIL.

According to their captive, the UNTIL project was mandated by the President to log the powers that are possessed by superhumans for use in case of a national disaster, the President would know who to contact to best help. The group decided there was more to the situation than they expected so they teleported the professor to an undisclosed location. Once there the professor was able to provide enough evidence to cast doubt into their minds about his guilt. Most of the group was transported back to their plane, where Hammer and White Wolf waited to take the professor off their hands.

A fight broke out on the aircraft, with in thirty seconds Hammer was down and the group was back together. Sickle descended into the scene and offered the group an out if they would end the conflict. They declined, wanting to continue the battle. Sickle wanted it over and caled the rest of Red Winter in. The group changed their minds when the odds shifted heavily against them. Red Winter withdrew and now there are many questions which remain unanswered…..


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